This describes me to a tee; Passion tea, that is.

"THIS IS A SATIRE BLOG OF THE HIPSTER KIND, from the perspective on one himself; if you’re offended, it’s fine to voice your opinion as long as you keep that in mind. and try not to anon, I like to know who I’m talking to…and you seem like less of a pussy. But that’s just me y’know?"


Posted 2 years ago
Anonymous Hipsters don't like to be called hipsters buddy, nor do they refer to themselves as hipsters. THAT's a distinguishable characteristic. You're just a big fat phoney.

It’s satirical in nature; awkward?

"Hipsters don’t like to be called hipsters" <——-LIKE WHAT.THE.FUCK.BRO.

Posted 2 years ago


LIL B V. RICK PERRY Bitch I’m Bill Clinton - LIL B FOR PRESIDENT 2012

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